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Video Color Correction services provided in our special room, where we have the tools and talents to solve problems! You have footage, and the lens didn’t focus right, or the lights flickered, or the film stock was wrong, or the tape has a glitch, or the white balance was way off… we can fix that. We can soften, sharpen, remove dirt and glitches, and reduce noise and flicker.
We enhance logos and brighten faces, unless of course you want a logo smudged and a face hidden. There’s a place in every story where the pictures need to look special, and it’s an issue if they don’t.

Video Color Correction Services @ our Post Production Studio

On the colorist’s palette are defocus tools, area highlighting windows, selective color isolation, and unlimited control of every color. We use these tools to create moods, increase visual interest or simply make pictures jump off the screen.

Color correction has two basic steps: primary and secondary color grading. In the first step, we adjust your video’s colors as a whole. Next, we focus on correcting specific issues, such as removing or adding shadows. For productions shot over an extended period of time, we manipulate the colors so your video has complete visual continuity.

Through understanding your concept, the Dvideo Productions staff crafts a particular mood for your video by brightening, saturating, and modifying colors. By using a variety of digital tools including masks, power windows, and mattes, our staff creates videos where you and your product always look best.
In addition to our full range of video production services, we also offer a full range of color correction services, including:

  • fixing white balance
  • creating visual coherence in balance and tone
  • fixing excessive exposure problems
  • ensuring video is broadcast safe
  • scene-to-scene matching
  • facial enhancements
  • professionally calibrated equipment

Do you want a film or video with total visual continuity?
Do you need to improve your lighting, color and exposure?

You can benefit from our experience – call for a consultation with one of our colorists!

Our central office located in Purchase NY, between White Plains and Rye in Westchester County. We provide services in the Tri-State area including New York City (NYC), New Jersey, Connecticut (NY, NJ, CT), across the USA and internationally.