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Videos tell a visual story that remains in the minds of viewers. They allow you to share the story of who you are and what you do, building relationships with your clients and your employees. For corporate video production, in New York and nationally, we can work with you in our production studio to make these experiences happen.

Building a rapport with those you do business with as well as those who work for you is important. One way to set a precedent while communicating your company’s messages is through a corporate video production. New York is a hot spot for video production, but we believe our company stands out from the rest. The honest relationships we establish with our clients, as well as the top quality work we deliver, are just a few ways we stand out in the hustle and bustle of the city. If you need help communicating your messages effectively, contact us.

Video editing: New York contacts

Helping you tell your story is something we look forward to doing every day. We want you to have access to some of the most creative minds and highest quality work in the industry. Contact us directly or conveniently request a call back by completing the form on our website. One of our video consultants will get back to you to discuss your project. Contact us, and we’ll get you started.

Corporate Video Production: Pricing

DVideo delivers the highest quality video at the most affordable prices. The cost of a video can vary significantly, depending on some factors. However, we have attempted to provide a basic guideline for determining how much you should budget.

Apples to Apples

The world of video production can be confusing and frustrating as you try to compare one provider’s price to the next. There are, unfortunately, few pricing standards in video production and rapidly changing technology only exacerbates the issue. Remember that you are the client and deserve a clear, detailed description of what is being provided by your video partner. Don’t be afraid to ask questions … a lot of them!

Cost Drivers

Below is an overview of the primary cost drivers for video production. Having answers regarding your needs in each of these areas will allow for a more accurate quote. If you aren’t sure what you require, feel free to contact our video consultants to help you determine the best solution for your video needs.

Audience – Is your video aimed at customers or is it for internal use? Sales/marketing videos require higher production values than internal communications and training videos.

Length – Obviously, the longer the video, the more it costs. Most companies overestimate the amount of time needed to communicate their message. Even the most complicated business can be summarized in two to three minutes. Any longer and you will likely lose your audience.

Script Development – The script includes the words you will hear and the images you will see in your video. You can often save money by writing your own script, although not all production companies allow you to do so. Dvideo does! However, it is important to understand that writing a quality script requires a significant amount of time, along with strong marketing and creative skills. We provide script writing tools, guides, and examples to help you with this critical video production step.

Voice-over – A professional narrator can enhance the quality of your video significantly by conveying your message in the style you require.

On-Camera Talent – Your video may call for an on-camera host or professional actors in dramatizations. However, to save costs, many non-speaking, on-camera roles can be filled by employees or others.

Field Production – as a general rule, each three to five minutes of video requires a full day of field production, depending on the type of video. Professional production companies assume at least two-person crews and may need additional staff and equipment based on the requirements of the shoot. Some shoots require a second or third camera, especially ones capturing a live event. Videos requiring more than one location will need additional days of field production.

Popular Options

Here’s a summary of our most popular video production solutions. While our clients’ video needs vary, the videos below are most frequently requested. Please contact one of our video consultants for a free evaluation of your video needs.

Full-Service Marketing Video (up to 3 minutes)

The majority of our clients choose this solution to meet their video needs. It delivers high production values at extremely affordable rates and includes script development by our award-winning creative team, professional voice-over, and a full day of on-location field production. Video content usually includes corporate overviews and product advertisements/promotions. Cost Estimate: $13,000 – $15,000

Self-Managed Product Video

Ideal for companies with basic video needs or those budget-constrained, but still want a high-quality, professionally produced video. You write your own script using our script tools, guides, and examples, and our creative team provides reviews to ensure it meets our high standards. Professional voice-over and a half day of on-location field production are also included. Typical video content includes product demonstrations and corporate communications. Cost Estimate: $6,000 – $7,000

Customer Training Video (up to 5 minutes)

Many of our clients are significantly reducing costs by providing a product training video to their customers. This style of training video includes higher production values than a typical internal training video. You write your own script using our script tools, guides, and examples, and our creative team provides reviews to ensure it meets our high standards. Professional voice-over and a day of on-location field production are also included. Cost Estimate: $9,000 – $11,000

Broadcast Commercial (1 minute)

A solution designed to meet the demanding requirements of broadcast television, but at a fraction of the cost of a typical commercial. Ideal for clients with a significant investment in trade shows, wanting to display their video on state-of-the-art monitors. Typical content includes product advertisement/promotions and corporate overviews. Cost Estimate: $14,000 – $17,000. For a free video consultation, please contact one of our video consultants.

Our Process

Dvideo follows a standardized video production process to ensure the timely, on-budget delivery of high-quality solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

  • Step 1:  Brainstorming  –  A conference call is held between client and the Dvideo team to discuss video concepts, script ideas, visuals, design elements and scope of the project.
  • Step 2:  Script Development  –  Dvideo professional scriptwriters will either create the script or will review a client-produced script depending on the service selected. Each draft of the script is sent by email for review and feedback.
  • Step 3:  Script Approval  –  After the agreed number of revisions, client approves the final script.
  • Step 4: Field Production  –  Field production is scheduled at client’s office or other pre-determined location. All images are shot according to the pre-approved script.
  • Step 5:  Post Production  –  Video is edited according to the pre-approved script. Pre-approved graphics, music, and narration are added. Client reviews rough cut and additional cuts as applicable before the video is complete.
  • Step 6:  Media Delivery  –  DVideo has developed a full suite of innovative video delivery solutions. Our team is dedicated to creating video delivery tools that maximize reach and effectiveness while providing our clients the ability to measure the positive impact of their video investment.

Video Email

Create, send, and track video-enhanced, customized, multimedia email messages, newsletters, and promotions … one at a time or to thousands of customers at once. Dvideo gives you the power to proactively manage your email marketing campaigns and Corporate Video Production.


Podcasting is rapidly becoming the “next big thing” in online video. From marketing to potential customers to training employees in the field, this cutting edge technology is changing the way we view the video.


Stop traffic at your tradeshow booth, enhance critical sales presentations, and replace traditional print brochures and postcards with more effective interactive Corporate Video Production CDs and DVDs.

Streaming Video

Deliver the highest quality video and provide the most intuitive viewer experience available. The unique “one click” feature means your customers begin viewing your video immediately, with no decisions to make about which media players to use or what software to download.