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Personalized Company Logos & Messages

We can customize any of these logo and message animations for your company. We can change the color, effects, speed, and any text to your goal in this video.

When your business has a new marketing goal, a quality video has the potential to hit it!

  • A Bond Unbroken Official Trailer!
    by dvideo
  • Phoenix Xermelo Highlight 1920x1080
    by dvideo
  • Dvideo Productions: Our Process
    by dvideo
  • Dvideo Demo Reel 2017
    by dvideo

Emulating the power of a video in another medium is difficult. A professional video can move an audience, inspire them to fall in love with your product, remember your brand, and make an emotional connection with your marketing message.

Did you know that in the past year alone, Facebook has averaged more than 1 billion video views each day? Video has become go-to visual content for a huge number businesses and brands.

A well-executed animation will capture the fun or sophistication of your company. It sets the stage and creates brand awareness within the first few seconds of any video.

For businesses who are considering creating a video, a logo animation needs to be part of the package. It’s this little attention to detail your audience will recognize and appreciate. When working with animators, there are a few key guidelines to remember.

Keep it short.
How often do you watch a video until its very last frame? Ever start to glance at the recommended videos seconds after you hit play? As attention spans continue to shrink, getting to the core message of your video is your fist priority. The role of the logo is branding. With each video, you produce your logo will be the first thing they see. Keeping your logo animation to 05 will establish your brand and enable you to get to the core message that is within the video. Keeping it short will engage the viewer from the first frame and quickly get to the heart of your message that is contained in the video that follows.

Keep it simple.
Sometimes less is more. An animator can spend hours with just a logo. Keeping the animation design simple by applying 2D effects will keep the overall look clean and professional and help maintain the costs of the production well within budget. Hours spent creating complex long opening animations does not guarantee quality and can only increase costs.