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Camera & Production Crew Services from Commercials to Feature Films

We’ve got the perfect production crew for you; Dvideo manages productions of all kinds, from commercials to feature films. We can provide you with our on-staff DP and/or a full production crew. Whatever your project demands, we can customize the perfect camera crew. Let us help you bring your vision to the screen!


At Dvideo, we believe the most valuable resource in any production is the people you rely on to make your project a success. Our camera crews are created from close colleagues and longtime friends. We hand select camera crew members for each project according to their field of expertise, production preferences, and creative style. Our DP’s, camera operators, AC’s, LD’s, gaffers, keys, grips, sound techs, boom operators and support personnel are some of the best in the industry.


High definition (HD) production and recording formats can enhance video images by providing a higher resolution screen and enhanced depth-of-field. All high definition formats are “wide-screen,” a 16:9 ratio is default on all high-definition formats.

There are two choices in vertical “resolution” (how many lines are scanned on the monitor): either 720 or 1080. Both of these resolutions allow either “progressive” (each line is scanned followed by the next line, like a computer monitor) or ‘interlaced’ (every other line is scanned, like conventional TV’s do). The frame rate can also be significant.


All interlaced video in HD is between 24 and 30 frames per second (fps). Progressive scan is recorded between 50 and 60 fps. The Panasonic DVC-PRO HD can record either interlaced (720 lines) or progressive (1080 lines) and at frame rates between 24 and 60 fps. The Sony HDCAM can also record between 24 and 60 fps, at either the 720 line resolution or the 1080 resolution.


In summary, high definition can make your program look better than amazing, and Dvideo can help get you there.
Dvideo also provide a crew for webcasting and live streaming services. Live Streaming Solutions for conferences, seminars, concerts, training sessions, on location and in studio