Live Streaming
We can professionally stream your event
live to a platform of your choice.
Here are some available options.

Full production crew, with 4K Multi-Camera, Audio, and Lighting package.

Dedicated Live Stream Event Manager/Producer.

Pre-Event Planning, Consultation, and Dry-run rehearsal.

A/V Technician: Sets up and operates internet uplink, broadcast encoder. Streaming Encoding package and accessories.

Computer - Hardware and Software: Professional Television style production, picture in picture capability, titles, lower thirds, graphics.

Live Stream can be delivered simultaneously to your social media platforms and embedded on a private page.

Unlimited Ad-Free Streaming, Unlimited Viewers.

Unlimited Email and Phone Support.

Basic landing page creation with a password and Pay-per-view option.

Detailed analysis of viewer attendance after the program.

High-Quality recording of the live feed for you to share with your audiences or archive.

Add pre-recorded videos, PPT, integrate other sources such as Skype, Zoom, or any remote presenter, Email capture page, Chat with your audience, Call to action, plus many more options.

Dvideo's live streaming can broadcast your event in real-time to your selected audience over the internet! Your meeting, conference, or seminar, can be shown live to an audience worldwide as a real-time streaming video.

The event can be also recorded for viewers to watch at their convenience as an on-demand video or a downloadable podcast.

Dvideo is a leader in professional webcasting services for virtually any type of event. We supply the cameras, lighting, microphones, switchers, mixers, and encoders necessary to produce an engaging broadcast. With our extensive experience, cutting-edge professional equipment, and service-oriented approach, we offer one-stop shopping for the entire webcasting process.  We include pre-production, customization of a video player, live encoding, post-production, and even hosting/streaming your archived webcast. We can handle as little or as much of the process as you’d like.


Dvideo has delivered solutions for marketing firms, religious groups, sporting commentators, music producers, community organizations, schools, and many more.

Our live streaming is the trusted HD standard for delivering complete solutions requiring interactive HD video content to media companies, enterprises, and Web publishers alike. Utilizing a simpler, faster, and more efficient content delivery infrastructure, Dvideo customers are able to deliver superior end-user experiences at greatly reduced costs. Dvideo’s secret is that the proprietary encoding is done within the software that can be delivered to any platform, eliminating the expensive high-end proprietary hardware. (shh don't tell)

Our professionals go on location to produce and stream live events, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish — and beyond. We’re based in Westchester County, NY but travel anywhere in the U.S. you need us to be.

    Live Streaming Solutions


Depending on your requirements, we establish the internet link to the appropriate streaming video service on either a public or private network. You can offer your online audience-free, sponsored, or pay-per-view content.


On-site survey, web page integration, title & graphics preparation, video editing, video encoding & distribution, as well as Blu-ray authoring and duplication are available as needed.


Dvideo live streaming is your One-Stop-Shop for Corporate, Small Business, Entertainment, and Educational web video production. From live events to scripted podcasts, we get your content on the web — in real-time as it’s happening or time-shifted for on-demand viewing. Our service is flexible and scalable to accommodate both your requirements and your budget. We have the equipment, crew, and expertise to provide complete on-site audio/video production services including the broadcast feed and content distribution. You may also opt to hire us just for the broadcast service or even to consult on setting up your own webcasting system. Oh yes, and if you were wondering whether we cover personal events such as weddings, memorials, and funerals, we do that too!

Live streaming can also be used for educational and personal events, such as online training. Live event streaming on the web has grown in popularity over the last few years. Internet users watch billions of videos every month, and content producers like you recognize the strength of the medium.

Dvideo live streaming enables you to deliver crystal clear audio and video content to your selected audience in real-time. Whether you use your own webcam or a full professional production team, you will not be compromising on quality or time. Your broadcast can be made available to everyone, or to just a select few using our secure streaming service.










​Many sectors of business, as well as individuals, are already seeing Live Event Streaming as a way to enhance their own and others’ media experiences. Streaming has great educational benefits with Online Coaching, Specialist Training, and Web-Based Learning all available live.

Businesses are utilizing the potential of Live Event Streaming with Conferences, Presentations, Annual Reports, and Product Launches all being viewed by the appropriate parties, globally.

More traditional and personal events are also being streamed across the globe such as Music Concerts, Church Services, Sporting Events, and Weddings, bringing groups of people together over a common interest.


The process for a live event is fairly constant, only differing in scale, the following will take place…

  1. Images and/or sound are captured with the appropriate equipment (webcam, camcorder, mixing desks).

  2. The output from this recording equipment is fed into a PC using appropriate interface hardware.

  3. Encoding software on the PC turns that input into a format suitable for live streaming.

  4. The encoded output is then transmitted via the PC’s internet connection to our streaming servers.

  5. The higher the speed of this internet connection, the higher the quality of the images we can broadcast.

  6. This single stream is received by our streaming servers and re-broadcast, in real-time, to multiple viewers via a website link or by a code you place on your own website.


Dvideo supports all the major streaming video formats


Cost is largely determined by the following elements:

  1. The duration of your event

  2. The image quality required for your webcast (which affects bandwidth usage)

  3. The number of viewers expected

  4. The number of cameras/operators and the sophistication of the broadcast required.

Note: Post-production editing, DVD production, etc. are calculated separately.


Our most economical system. Well suited for simple events including personal functions such as weddings and memorial services.


This system has a camera for the presenter and a video feed from the presentation system along with a video switcher to cut between the two. Good for simple training sessions, E-learning, or meetings.


Includes a second camera and a video switcher to cut between shots. This creates a broadcast television look. Great for panel discussions, concerts, recitals, or focus groups


Includes two cameras, a presentation feed, and a video switcher with graphics and titling. This creates a very professional broadcast having each presenter with their name and title plus a logo watermark for the sponsor. In addition, this system can cue up stills and pre-recorded videos as needed making this the preferred choice for larger events such as symposiums, conferences, or high profile product launches.


For those who want to produce a slick webinar using modern tools such as screen sharing, polling, remote presenters, Q&A, PowerPoint sharing, survey and testing tools, and real-time whiteboard annotation, this is for you. The system comes with one or two cameras depending on your needs.


This is our mini-broadcast package. It includes all of the components in the Two-Camera Conference system but with roving cameras, a technical director, and additional camera operators as needed to cover your production, be it an award show, a sporting event, or outdoor music concert.


Our unique completely mobile webcast unit on wheels. It is wireless and runs on battery power so it can be taken almost anywhere to capture the moment, from an outdoor carnival to the exhibit hall of a trade show, or even a sandy beach at sunset.


If you don’t need to go live we can still capture your event for on-demand viewing for your website. It is very cost-effective to utilize one of our multi-camera live switch packages to record your event as there are no post-production editing costs and you can walk away with a fully edited piece immediately.


  • Broadcast quality HD Camera Package (inc. tripod) Additional Camera, fly pack, multi-camera switching system

  • Audio Kit: (hand-held, lavalier, podium, condenser stand mic. and mixer)

  • Lighting Kit

  • Camera Operator (sets up and operates camera, audio, lighting)

  • Encoding System (Flash H.264 broadcast encoder, access for distribution of the broadcast feed)

  • Encoding Engineer (internet uplink, & broadcast encoder)

  • Event Producer

  • Site Survey Required Prior to the event day (Connectivity and bandwidth test)

  • Production Management: all the necessary support for your event.

  • Recording: An archive copy can also be recorded locally to a hard disk. Creating a Master DVD

  • PAY-PER-VIEW: We can monetize your broadcast with PayPal and Visa/MasterCard.

  • CONSULTING: Perhaps you want to set up your own in-house webcast studio but you lack the expertise to make it happen. We can help you if this is the direction you are heading. We can help design, purchase, configure and ultimately train you on how to operate your own system.

  • EDITING & DUPLICATION: Our post-production studio is available to produce your video content for specialized pieces including sizzle reels, tribute videos, interview segments, and corporate branding. Masters can then be authored to Blu-ray or DVD and transcoded for distribution to online video destinations such as Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube.

  • One month archive for on-demand playback (up to 200 GB)

  • Web authoring and customization (viewing with live text chat)

Tell us about your live streaming requirement. We always prefer to speak to you in person, so give us a call today to discuss your next project requirements. We would be more than happy to help you and provide you with a quote without any obligations.

  • Business and Industry Events Conferences

  • Workshops & Seminars

  • Committee Meetings

  • Sales Presentations

  • Political Functions

  • Annual General Meetings

  • Product Launches

  • Advertising

  • Education and Instruction Training

  • Coaching Online Instruction

  • Conventions

  • Corporate Communications

  • E-Learning

  • Focus Groups

  • Fundraisers

  • Human Resources: training/orientation

  • Interactive Infomercials

  • Investor Relations

  • Lead Generation Meetings

  • Musical Theatre

  • News Coverage

  • Panel Discussions

  • Podcast Production

  • Premiers Presentations

  • Press Conferences

  • Product Demonstrations Symposiums

  • Town Hall Meetings

  • Trade Show coverage

  • Webinar


  • Music Concerts

  • Church Services

  • Sporting Events

  • Red Carpet Premieres

  • Radio Shows/TV Shows

  • Graduations


  • Sermons and Oratory

  • Weddings – Bar Mitzvah

  • Memorial Services

  • Church Events

  • Family Occasions  Reunions

  • Recitals