Investable Universe with Rebecca ~ Green Screen Filming ~ Virtual Set ~ Westchester NY

Investing is an area in which many people in our world today participate in. Whether it’s an investment in a stock, or a mutual fund, or in a different area, many modern-day consumers look into this for their personal finances. One of our clients - Rebecca Darst - had a vision. This vision was to create the premise of a television show, specifically aimed to help expand the investable universe of today’s consumers.

We were able to make Rebecca’s vision come to life. We were able to put Rebecca in this virtual space as she expressed her vision to her viewers. The video was shot in LOG format on a Blackmagic camera with professional lavalier microphones and stage lighting.

Following the shoot, the creative editing team brought in the footage and enhanced it utilizing applications from the Adobe Suite, particularly After Effects and Premiere Pro. The LOG footage was converted to a Rec.709 color space, and the green was keyed out so that Rebecca could be properly placed in the virtual space. The post team then looked at every take of every segment and determined which of those takes worked best. Upon completion, the final video was sent Rebecca’s way, and she went on to pursue her dream! It was truly a team effort to bring her vision to life - and with everybody’s input and expertise, we were able to make it all happen. In collaboration with Rebecca, we made her vision realized and took part in her ultimate goal. It was a real pleasure working with her! #Investing #InvestableUniverse #GreenScreen #BlackmagicCinema #VideoEditing #Video #Editing #PostProduction #DVideoProductions

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