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The team at DVideo helped orate the historic YMCA building in White Plains NY.

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

The YMCA is a well-known brand nationwide. They have helped local communities across the country for decades, mentoring youth and helping them grow into their full potential. The same is true for the Y in White Plains, where the team at DVideo Productions helped orate the history of the building, soon to be demolished.


Rebekah from the Southern Land Company in New York City approached us with the initial idea. Her company wanted to create a mini-documentary video that went through the building’s origins starting all the way back in the late 1800s. Through the site’s ups and downs, there was a fascinating story to tell, and the creative team jumped at the opportunity!

Rebekah and her colleagues from Southern Land Company assisted in gathering the assets for us, which consisted of a myriad of archival pictures from past to present. These pictures were the heartbeat of the final video, as they really helped to visualize the building’s story. A voiceover was provided based on a script, and together with the pictures, it rounded the video into form. The editing team primarily used Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro to enhance the cut and used inspiration from modern documentary films to create a cohesive and current edit. Adobe Audition was also utilized in order to sweeten the voiceover and audio in general.


The final product was displayed in a socially distant walkthrough by the team at Southern Land Company, allowing plenty of onlookers to see the building’s rich history and its association with the Y. They were thrilled with the final product! It was a pleasure working with them and putting together a historical mini-documentary for an area so rich in history.


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