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Bring the world to your business in real-time
Webcasting Solutions

Expand your reach and broadcast every event, whether it be online classes, guest lectures, president briefings, or even simple sales meetings. We can help you customize virtual meetings that enable collaboration, communication, and interactivity with colleagues, partners, and customers. Stream anytime, anywhere, on any device!

Dvideo's turnkey solution includes creating and sending invitations, customizing registration portals, and providing reports and analytics. Our webcasting solutions are comprehensive and customizable to fit your specific needs.

Live Streaming Solutions
Webcasting Solutions

    Webcasting Solutions

  • Dedicated teleconference numbers ensure participants that are not in front of a computer or tablet can participate
  • Live question and answer sessions either online or by phone
  • The survey, polling, and evaluation features allow you to customize future presentions based on participant feedback
  • A dedicated event manager works with you from the planning stage through your event
  • Dedicated technical support and help desk for your event
  • Presenter/Moderator support and guidance
  • Post-program analytics and reporting
 Our webcasting solutions provide clients with the power to engage global audiences with interactive live content for marketing, training, and corporate communications.
Live Streaming Solutions

    Click here for Live Streaming Solutions

Dvideo live streaming can broadcast your event in real-time to your selected audience over the internet! Your meeting, conference, or seminar, can be shown live to a worldwide audience as a real-time streaming video.
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