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Integrated Video Production: Less is More

Integrated production is a consolidation of resources and efforts throughout the production process. This means not only efficiency in equipment but also in manual labor. In an integrated production approach, the producer tends to where many different hats throughout the process.

This allows them to complete various tasks that are needed for the final product. One advantage to this is that since the production process is being managed by a consistent set of hands, the final product should also have this consistency.

In terms of equipment, less is more. While having more tools on hand can seem like the best way to ensure all can be accounted for, the issue is when the materials are bulky to the extent where they are difficult to maneuver and require an extra set if hands.

The crew loses the ability to be responsive to unexpected changes or circumstances. A minimalist approach to equipment and crew reduces costs and allows room for adaptability. The producer is able to make changes and decisions all on their own accord as there are fewer obstacles.

Finally, when competing in a national or global market it is vital for more localized production companies to retain their clientele in such a competitive market. Integrative production is the advantage more closely knit companies hold over larger commercial entities; by being able to offer lower rates and the potential to be more freely creative.

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