Video Tapes Conversion

  • VHS

  • SVHS

  • VHS-C

  • Hi8/Regular 8/ Digital 8

  • MiniDV

  • HDV

  • DVCam

  • Betamax

  • U-Matic


  • PAL DVCam

  • PAL MiniDV


All video tape transfers are done in-house with care and attention. Your video cassette tapes are transferred using our professional video equipment.


Once your tapes have been captured into our computer system, we will then output the video to the desired format. If your end-goal is to play back your tapes to share with yourself, friends, and family, then we recommend conversion to DVD or Blu-Ray. If you want your footage edited or archived, then we recommend conversion to a digital .MP4 file. MOV & AVI files are an option as well.

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