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Video Tapes Conversion
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We provide tape-to-digital conversion services for VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital 8, or MiniDV tapes into a long-lasting digital file, DVD, or Blu-ray.

  • VHS

  • SVHS

  • VHS-C

  • Hi8/Regular 8/ Digital 8

  • MiniDV

  • HDV

  • DVCam


  • PAL DVCam

  • PAL MiniDV


All videotape transfers are done in-house with care and attention. Your video cassette tapes are transferred using our professional video equipment.


Once your tapes have been captured into our computer system, we will output the video to the desired format. If your end goal is to playback your tapes to share with yourself, friends, and family, we recommend converting to DVD or Blu-Ray. If you want your footage edited or archived, then we recommend conversion to a digital .MP4 file. Of course, MOV & AVI files are an option as well.

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Video Tape Conversion

  • Video to Digital File (MP4), DVD, or Blu-Ray – Digitize analog recordings to permanent Digital Media. Convert VHS-C, DV, DV-CAM, 8mm, U-Matic, Betamax tapes to a Digital File, DVD or Blu-Ray.

  • Foreign Conversion – (Broadcast standards conversion) We have the ability to convert videotapes from worldwide standards e.g. PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM and MESCAM to NTSC DV

  • Video to Digital Editable Files (MP4, AVI or MOV ) Multimedia streaming & compression services



If you would like to have your video tapes transferred in a certain order, please have them number ahead of time, or put them in the order you would like & then we will put a number on each tape in the order you request.  


If you choose NOT to purchase that hard drive from us, please provide one to us, and we will advise for the size required. Please make sure your hard drive is formatted NTFS or ExFat. Thumb drives with the necessary space available are fine to use.

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