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Film Transfer
Film Reels

Dvideo Productions can improve the quality of your fading films when you transfer them to a Digital DVD or a hard drive in standard/high definition.


  • 8 mm

  • Super 8

  • 16 mm


Dvideo Productions uses the state-of-the-art MWA Flashtransfer Choice2K+™, and FlashscanHD™, producing the finest picture quality available. This equipment, up until now, has only been available to film archivists and Hollywood filmmakers. With a full-time staff of experienced technicians dedicated to film transfers, Dvideo Productions can improve the quality of your fading films when you transfer them to a Digital DVD or a hard drive in standard/high definition.

Over time, movie film deteriorates. Not only will the projected picture fade, but the film itself can become brittle and snap. Digitizing and transferring your home movies to DVD will ensure that your memories last a lifetime.

Dvideo Productions uses a proprietary system for editing, removing blank spots, and color correction. In addition, our production value is second-to-none. Your DVD will include chapter points, menus, and background music. This attention to detail sets Dvideo Productions apart from the rest.

Our HD scans are designed to capture every detail of what’s on a movie frame. So even if that movie frame image is larger than the traditional area, we can get that old frame to look much better. We do this because we believe your memories are important, and it’s a big project to get your movie film scanned. So you only want to do it once.

Output options: Playable Blu-ray/DVD or Editable Computer File


  • Film to a Digital File (.avi .mov or .mp4). Files for Editing on a PC or upload to YouTube, Vimeo Dropbox, or any other cloud service (External Hard Drive Not Included in Price).

  • Film to High Definition Blu-Ray or DVD - Per foot/ 400 feet Minimum


For the highest quality possible, the film is transferred directly to our computer editing system, where it is reviewed and enhanced scene-by-scene for color and contrast. You can also book additional editing time.

What's Included with Your Home Movie Transfer:

  • Cleaning

Even the tiniest speck of dust or dirt will look enormous on your TV screen. We clean all 8mm and Super 8mm movie films to assure you get the clearest picture possible.

  • Splicing

As your film gets older, the splices you may have applied years ago may not hold as well as they used to. Should those splices break, we will repair them (within reason) at no extra charge.

If you have three or more 50-foot reels, they will be spliced onto 200 or 400-foot reels. Each reel will be labeled, indicating which 50-foot reels have been spliced into it. Empty reels, with writing on them, will be returned.

  • Transfer & Monitoring

Trained technicians carefully monitor the entire transfer for picture framing and focus. Then, your film is digitally scanned, frame by frame, and captured in its entirety in high resolution directly to the computer hard drive before going to our editing department for further enhancement.

  • Editing & Enhancement

Our editors view your entire transfer scene by scene, eliminating blank footage, and enhancing brightness, contrast, and color on our exclusive transfer system.

  • Opening Title

We can begin your movie production with your personalized title!

  • Background Music

We will add background digital music to the entire length of the transfer. This can be from our library of easy listening music, or you can provide your own music for an additional fee.

  • Output

Output the film to your preferred format (Digital file, DVD, or Blu-ray) utilizing VBR (Variable Bit Rate) encoding technology, which produces an overall higher and more consistent quality level than CBR (Constant Bit Rate) encoding.

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