Believe it or not, the production of this project occurred over the course of a few days. At DVideo - Digital Video Productions Studio, we consider ourselves storytellers with our preferred medium of the delivery being video. For this particular clip, the client chose to use a variety of our services for the completion of the video, including both pre and post-production.

Services we provide

Throughout the production process, we take into consideration our clients’ initial ideas in order to develop engaging and beautiful videos they will enjoy and be proud of. We provide the technical capabilities and creative inputs that help ensure their project’s success. Take a look at our impressive portfolio to see how we can take your vision to the next level.

Healthcare & Medical Pharmaceutical Video Production & Editing services provided by Dvideo production. When it comes to representing your medical practice, your brand or your medicine, putting that information in a video is a medium that everyone can relate to. Many of our clients use our professional videos to empower their employees, teach an online course on medical devices or connect doctor to doctor. Learn about newly FDA approved medicines or how to use your hearing aid by watching a video. Physicians and pharmaceuticals rely on Dvideo to connect with patients and get their messages heard.

We’ve got the perfect production crew for you; Dvideo manages productions of all kinds, from commercials to feature films. We can provide you with our on-staff DP and/or a full production crew. Whatever your project demands, we can customize the perfect camera crew. Let us help you bring your vision to the screen!

Dvideo live streaming can broadcast your event in real-time to your selected audience over the internet! Your meeting, conference, or seminar, can be shown live to a worldwide audience as a real-time streaming video. The event can be also recorded for viewers to watch at their convenience as an on-demand video or a downloadable podcast.

We normally film in our client's location, but if a professional green screen video is needed, we are affiliated with many studios in Westchester County, and nationwide. Our team will help you find the best accommodations for your production needs and budget.

Digital video editing is performed in-house on Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro editing software to create a visually stunning video. Whether your video is for promotional campaigns, education, or corporate training and presentation, Dvideo grants you access to the technology and provides you with a solution.

Dvideo enhances the liveliness of objects or people, thus drawing the eye to a main focal point. The result is broadcast-quality color and resolution that is true-to-life, if not better. All shooting and editing are done digitally to retain and enhance visual images before being compressed and uploaded to your required format.

Media Encoding Format Conversion Duplication Services by Dvideo Production. When you want to transfer video to DVD or Digital file, it’s not just about taking your recording and being able to manage it on a DVD or Hard Drive better. These video conversions open up the possibilities for distributing your video to a wider audience.

Dvideo offers a complete suite of online video marketing solutions including video production, video streaming, and video marketing services. Over the past few years, Dvideo has used online video solutions for its clients by creating highly effective marketing tools through multiple marketing channels including the web, mobile, and social media.

Photo Retouching manipulation involves transforming or altering a photograph using various methods and techniques to achieve desired results. Some photo manipulations are considered skillful artwork.

A video introduction for your website can be a powerful tool to set the tone of your company and introduce yourself to your customers. We recommend a short and to-the-point message that will keep viewers engaged. If you would like your potential client to BUY, INVEST, or get INTERESTED in your products or services, you should be able to tell them what you do in a very short introduction video message.

Video Color Correction services provided in our studio, where we have the tools and talents to solve problems! You have footage, and the lens didn’t focus right, or the lights flickered, or the film stock was wrong, or the tape has a glitch, or the white balance was way off… we can fix that. We can soften, sharpen, remove dirt and glitches, and reduce noise and flicker.

Emulating the power of a video in another medium is difficult. A professional video can move an audience, inspire them to fall in love with your product, remember your brand, and make an emotional connection with your marketing message.

Did you know that in the past year alone, Facebook has averaged more than 1 billion video views each day? Video has become the go-to visual content for a huge number of businesses and brands.


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