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content creation Social media video package.

Below is our social media video content creation package we offer to our clients

More and more businesses are turning to video to promote their brand, as well as their products and services. Companies are becoming more business savvy about the value of video. Whether you use it to showcase your product in use or to provide education on your services, a business can benefit greatly from the use of visual content internally and externally. The ROI is immense, as users are continually asking for more video content from businesses.

Image by Sam Moqadam

Social Media Video Package

Package includes: Videos that will be produced from the footage filmed during our 2 visits, stock footage and music from our library, and any other assets the client provides.
  • 6 Videos, once a month, up to 2 minutes

  • Content produced by our team based on client concept

  • Dedicated Producer and Director

    • Follow the process along from start to completion

    • Review and offer recommended improvements to the client’s script and concept

    • We will work to get you comfortable in front of the camera so you can be your authentic self when sharing your passion and expertise

  • 3 Half production days, one each quarter

    • 4K Camera Package - Standard Tier - Panasonic AG-UX180, DSLR, or similar

    • Director of Photography (DP)

    • Production Assistant (PA)

    • Basic lighting and audio package

  • 6 full days of Post Production throughout the 6 months.

    • Encoding/Digitizing/Loading

    • Post Production / Video Editing

    • Sound Editing/Audio Sweetening

    • Stills, Music, Footage Stock Rights from our library

    • Color Correction

    • 4K/HD File Master and Delivery

  • Additional optional services

    • Voice Over

    • Teleprompter

    • Makeup Artist

    • Catering

    • Recording Studio

    • Live Stream

    • Zoom Production

    • Drone Services

    • Multi-Camera production

    • Location scouting and permits

If you are looking for a fresh new video for your website on a monthly schedule, we can help you!

We have designed and perfected a video production process that allows you to focus on your business while we create a video that will make your business grow. You will work with a dedicated Producer who will introduce you to the team and be responsible for your project from start to finish. 

  • Velocity - Talk about taking you right into the future of Marketing at rapid speed. You’ll be light years ahead of your competition.

  • Credibility - There isn’t anyone who can talk about your business the way you do! We help you get there by using a series of questions and techniques utilized by the best Business Coaches.

  • Coaching - We help you get comfortable in front of the camera so you can be authentic when sharing your passion for what you do.

  • Fun - We make your entire experience creative and fun. Our business is our passion and helping you share yours with the world is a delight! 

  • Professional - Our staff has worked in the Motion Picture Industry for almost a quarter of a century. They know all the right angles and work with a professionalism that will instantly put you at ease.

  • Experience - Many of our camera technicians, editors, directors, coaches, lighting techs, and makeup artists have been making television, movies, and commercials for decades.

  • Technology - We use the latest technology equipment.

  • Value - We are breaking barriers to provide High Definition Video affordable for everyone to use on your website, social media, and other channels.

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