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Live Streaming - The Perfect Tool in the Age of COVID-19:

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

2020 has certainly been a year to remember! In this era of the coronavirus, our workplaces have had to make the necessary changes to adhere by social distancing rules. This has led to fewer days in the office, fewer meetings, and lower capacity. As a result, it’s harder to get that important information out there. And this is where live streaming comes into play.


This type of videography enables workers to view events and meetings from afar, without needing to be physically present. It typically comes together with 1-3 cameras, a central audio system, and streaming technologies from a computer behind the scenes. And with capabilities from websites like Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, and more, live streaming has increased in both popularity and accessibility.


There are several reasons why your company should explore Live Streaming:

  1. It Adheres to Social Distancing Policies - A large camera crew is usually not needed to have the production come to fruition, and each member is situated several feet apart when shooting.

  2. It Expands your Viewing Audience to Levels an In-Person Event Couldn’t Reach - An interior space can only hold so many people at once. A virtual audience is unlimited in its capacity.

  3. It Keeps your Employees and Clients Up to Date - Live Streaming enables them to gather in one place and to keep everybody on the same page.

  4. It Pales in Comparison to Standard Conferencing - Typical video chats like Zoom, Cisco Webex, and others, while effective, don't have near the capabilities and high-quality format that 4K and 1080p (HD) Live Streaming does.

  5. The Audio is Crisper - With high-end microphones like lavaliers, the audio that is being conveyed is much easier to understand, unlike the robotic, glitch-like sound that comes from most video conferencing.

  6. It Can Redefine the Workspace As We Know It - The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to rethink how business is conducted on the whole, and live streaming has proven to lead that charge.


Our studio has received a surge in inquiries regarding our Live Streaming services. With limits on capacity at trade shows and conference centers, or in general offices with a large staff, gathering multiple people in one space at one time with reduced capacity, that task becomes daunting. DVideo Productions creative team professionals have given clients peace of mind knowing that a virtual option does indeed exist.

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