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Michel Design Works - B2C Commercial

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Our friends at Michel Design Works approached us with a new idea for a video, this time with the consumer in mind. While our other work with them had been more focused on the business side, this was something new and different. Mary and Lexie from Michel requested that we put together a commercial that could be used for the masses, and shared throughout on social media. And the creative team at DVideo jumped on the opportunity!

In order to make this happen, a house was needed as a space for shooting the video. Moreover, a sizable kitchen and bathroom were especially important in making their products shine. Our producers were able to rent out a house in Armonk that had the adequate space and interior design to make the products pop. On the day of the shoot, our professional cinematographer used a Sony FX6 to capture beautiful imagery, with their foamers, sanitizers, and other products of theirs front-and-center. With the FX6’s color science and advanced technology, the footage looked spectacular and made the post-production process seamless.

Utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, the edit came together swiftly and professionally. DaVinci Resolve was also used as a color-correcting source, giving that extra pop to the imagery that already looked tremendous. All told, a concise, 20-second edit was made, highlighting the products being sold and the people using them. The team at Michel Design Works was thrilled with the final product! It was then taken internally to spread to the masses on social media.

Working with Mary and Lexie was an absolute pleasure! They were very collaborative and truly easy to work with. Their vision was clear, and the team at DVideo Productions helped bring it to life. With multiple more projects in the pipeline, we love working with repeat-client Michel Design Works!

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