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Westchester Country Club's Centennial Video Presentation

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

The Westchester Country Club in Rye, NY, is a regional, family-oriented club that has existed since 1922. Founded by John McEntee Bowman, it has served as a place of fun and relaxation for decades. From locals to celebrities, the club has a rich history seeking to be told to the masses. And the team at DVideo Productions had the opportunity to help them tell that story!

We were approached by the club's Communications Manager, who inquired about the possibility of making this documentary-style video. It would consist of a B-Roll of the grounds, archival videos and photos, and past and present interviews with longtime members. So naturally, the team jumped at the opportunity to realize the club's vision and got to work.

After gathering the requisite assets and information in pre-production, the team scheduled two days to film everything needed. On the first day, a small group of interviewees was filmed telling their stories, and the B-Roll was gathered. On the second day, the remaining members told their memories. The footage was shot in 4K and LOG profile, maximizing dynamic range in color correction. Lavalier microphones were used to focus the audio on the club members while picking up on as little background noise as possible.

Upon completion, the post-production team went right to work. The footage was laid out and divided into segments using Adobe Premiere Pro to tell the most cohesive story possible. The edit interweaved snippets of the members speaking, with similar stories and topics grouped. The audio was leveled to reduce the varying volumes of natural speech, and the video was color corrected to a more dynamic style, departing from the flat profile of LOG. With the addition of lower-third graphics on top of everything else, the final product was a video documenting the club's rich history, leaving Leif and his team thrilled with the result!

Working with the Westchester Country Club team was a pleasure, as they were accommodating and collaborative. We enjoyed putting this one together on our end and look forward to the next time we can help their video needs!


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