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Digital Video Editing – Post Production

Digital video editing is performed in-house on Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro editing software to create visually stunning video. Whether your video is for promotional campaigns, education, or corporate training and presentation, Dvideo grants you access to the technology and provides you with a solution.

Dvideo enhances the liveliness of objects or people, thus drawing the eye to a main focal point. The result is broadcast-quality color and resolution that is true-to-life, if not better. All shooting and editing is done digitally to retain and enhance visual images before being compressed and uploaded to your required format.

Extensive video post-production facilities

Tweaking and tuning your video is part of what brings it all together. Audiences are drawn in by the big picture but then notice the details of a production. It is those things they will remember and take with them. Our video post-production facilities are designed to offer you the advantage of working with equipment that can deliver the graphics and attention to detail that polish off your project. Digital video editing, color correction, and various recording formats allow us to meet your needs as well as add the special components you’re looking for. Our company also offers various processes that are specific only to Dvideo. When you work with us, you’ll receive personalized attention as we work directly with you. As your production and 3D animation company, we’ll deliver an individualized video that is nothing like anyone has ever seen before.

3D Animation

Many years of experience and a ruthless attention to detail are needed in order to simulate realistic movements and transitions. We pay attention to the smallest details in our animation for all projects in our 3D department. Dvideo can create photo-realistic models, visualizations, product designs, interactive 3D models, VRML and trailers for TV, internet or broadcast as well as a host of CGI effects for a variety of uses. With one of the best teams of 3D animators in the country, we can create something outstanding for your business that will set you apart from the competition. We are actively seeking to break into new and wider markets, so take advantage of our exceptional skills now.

The extra elements you add to a video are essential when you are trying to catch the eye and the memory of your audience. Our video post-production facilities offer new technology and experienced team members that work together to make your video stand out. We can make title sequences, 3D models, trailers, CD interactive elements, and other effects jump out of your video with high color, movement, and modern design. Our crew is eager to work with you to fine-tune the details that will make your video uniquely yours.

Color Correction

A color correction room has tools to fix problems; you have footage and the lens didn’t focus right, or the lights flickered, or the film stock was wrong, or the tape has a glitch, or the white balance was way off… we can fix that. We can soften, sharpen, remove dirt and glitches, and reduce noise and flicker. We have ways to convert different time codes, encode and decode hidden metadata in film transfer videotapes, and convert formats of videos. We enhance logos and brighten faces unless of course you want a logo smudged and a face hidden. There’s a place in every story where the pictures need to look special, and it’s a big problem if they don’t. On the colorist’s palette are defocus tools, area highlighting windows, selective color isolation, and unlimited control of every color. We use these tools to create moods, increase visual interest or simply make pictures jump off the screen.

You can benefit from our experience — call for a consultation with one of our colorists!