Video Studio

Stamford, CT - 34' X 30'

A full-size video studio and soundstage makes loading sets and props easy. The 34’ x 30’ sound insulated studio space has a 270-degree green screen cyclorama with an option for a heavy black curtain. Other amenities included

Purchase, NY - 10' X 14'

A small-size video studio perfect for small budget projects. The 10’ x 14’ studio space has a one wall green screen only with an LS-6B lighting package and optional camera setup, ideal for above the knee shots for one or two talents

Purchase, NY - 10' X 14'

At DVideo Productions, we provide myriad filmmaking services to various clients. Our Green Screen Studio in the Purchase office provides you a space to take your video to the next level!

Our green screen is approximately 10’ x 14’, on one side of the wall. We provide Impact LS-6B lights and light stands, as well as Zoom sound devices and a microphone stand for your auditory needs. Furthermore, we provide a Bogen Manfrotto 3036 Tripod, as well as a GoPro. To view your footage, take advantage of our computer systems and watch your vision come to life.


We’re very excited about the opportunity to work with you!


Stamford, CT - 34' X 30'

1000 square foot multi-camera HD studio is the ideal high-tech solution for TV/media producers and other creatives.

Use the state-of-the-art facilities to create content for a variety of needs - ranging from satellite media tours, video conferences, and news broadcasts to the latest chapter for your YouTube channel. Our affiliate space is also perfect for photo shoots and special effects. The control room is equipped with a tricaster switcher that includes the Skype package and virtual sets, and full two-way hybrid audio with a 32 channel mixer. Kino Flo lighting, audio and lighting boards round out the facility. Clients will also benefit from full global connectivity via LTN, internet or satellite.








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