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Healthcare Videos



Healthcare & Medical Pharmaceutical Video Production & Editing services provided by Dvideo production. When it comes to representing your medical practice, brand, or medicine, putting that information in a video is a medium that everyone can relate to. Many of our clients use our professional videos to empower their employees, teach an online course on medical devices or connect doctor to doctor. For example, learn about newly FDA-approved medicines or how to use your hearing aid by watching a video. In addition, physicians and pharmaceuticals rely on Dvideo to connect with patients and get their messages heard.



Demonstrate thought leadership through education: Consumer trust is a highly valued commodity in the healthcare industry. Using video, from whiteboard animation to product video, organizations can gain thought-leadership positions in the market by producing educational videos.

An effective tool for sales, comprehension, and branding: Video is an excellent conversion tool for consumers and executives. Typically most executives would rather watch a video than read the text. In addition, the concise format allows companies to say a lot in a short amount of time. Businesses can also release several videos for different products and maintain consistent branding.


Customer centricity: Video helps businesses become more customer-centered. Putting the consumer first means assisting clients when they want it. Because video works so well as a communication tool, it provides an excellent method of greeting patients on familiar terms. People want to be able to access resources on their own time, and video is an ideal way to accommodate them. When health care companies put videos online, they make it easier for customers to obtain information when they need it on a platform that’s easy to access. In an industry filled with incomprehensible jargon, explainer video cuts through the clutter, eliminating the need for customers to sort through pages of text.


The best healthcare or medical videos are informative and fast-paced, engaging, and enjoyable. Medical videos must clearly communicate precise information to a specific audience with no time for uncertainty. Whether your audiences are healthcare professionals or patients, Dvideo delivers your message successfully in a way that showcases your role as a premier agency or provider. Our central office is located in Purchase, NY, between White Plains and Rye in Westchester County. In addition, we provide services in the Tri-State area, including New York City (NYC), New Jersey, Connecticut (NY, NJ, CT), across the USA, and internationally.

KOL Video

How does using KOL Videos help the healthcare industry?

First, What is a KOL?


KOL stands for "key opinion leader." Believe it or not, KOL is used almost every day in a marketer's life. You might know these terms by ROI, B2B, KPI, etc. However, they aren't just bloggers, writers, marketers; they are professionals with the most up-to-date information on any pharmaceutical product. KOL leaders are professionals who help us day-to-day when it comes to our health.  

Key opinion leaders are just that: leaders. They are scientific partners, mentors, teachers, and experts with tremendous experience. For pharmaceutical companies, KOLs are counselors who provide information on treatments, products, and support programs that help patients. They participate in clinical trials, research, and development, assist with marketing efforts, and improve programs that help physicians learn the importance of consumer relationships. These leaders have access to the most recent information and continue to educate themselves as pharmaceutical products change.


How do using KOL Videos help the healthcare industry?


Leaders have always been an essential part of obtaining external validation. Patients can take valuable information from a KOL video. A KOL video wouldn't be just for marketing efforts or SEO enhancement. There is an opportunity for KOL leaders to share their expertise and grow consumer engagement. A KOL video can build the bridge between a consumer and their physician. KOL engagement gives healthcare companies the advantage of generating data, re-modeling strategies, keeping track of new product development, creating new programs for patients, and creating credible medical and promotional content.

According to the Pew Research Center, 62% of smartphone owners have used their phones in the past year to look up information about a health condition. Imagine how consumers would feel if their physician were to make the extra effort to receive and share valuable information through a video? Another way to meet the standards of the consumer is to consider live events. In recent years, live streaming an event has become the primary tool for professionals to demonstrate a product or a plan. A live event aims to reach the audience unable to attend. This way, your message isn't lost but somewhat spread to all of your consumers. Healthcare companies can increase their marketing efforts by considering using a KOL video as their strategic marketing plan. The high demand for video communications gives companies the authority to channel their product information, connect with their intended audience, and generate sales.


How does Dvideo help Marketing Agencies produce a professional KOL?


Over the years, marketing agencies have used our production capabilities to direct patient communication, essential message development, product positioning, and physician awareness videos. From our experience, we understand the value of the healthcare industry and the way society relies on information through the web. Our goal is to execute a video that can drive traffic and make the process smooth and stress-free. We are aware of the intense pressures executives in the healthcare industry face, and a part of our job is to eliminate that. Dvideo production always has a set plan. We start the process by meeting with our clients and investing time in understanding their target audience, message, and, most importantly, their purpose. Our team is filled with experts and creative partners who excel in community engagement and execute healthcare marketing strategies. We understand that professionals in this industry are busy people and want to guide our clients in front of the camera.


With every production process, there are challenges. Some KOL experts can capture an audience's attention in their respective fields, but they are not necessarily good in front of the camera. We won't share all of our secrets on how we managed to execute a KOL video. Still, through the years, we've learned how to take a complex science and medicine subject and make it understood to the public and appreciated by consumers. From the green screen studio to a client location with a multi-person crew and equipment, our goal is to deliver a clear message to your audience with high-quality, cost-effective video.

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