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A video introduction for your website can be a powerful tool to set your company's tone and introduce yourself to your customers. Dvideo Production can create your video introduction for you. We recommend a short and to-the-point message that will keep viewers engaged.

If you would like your potential client to BUY, INVEST, or get INTERESTED in your products or services, you should be able to tell them what you do in a concise introduction video message.

Dvideo can help you with writing, production, direction, post-production, and even hosting your:

  • Audition and Demo Reels

  • Instructional Videos

  • Sales Presentations

  • Contest Commercials

  • Independent Films Trailers

  • Corporate Presentations


Internet video branding is the most effective way to create powerful online marketing for people and companies. Dvideo produces professional online video branding, such as resumes, executive profiles, training, and corporate videos. We also can use virtual sets when shooting in our green screen studio. We can place you in any city, background, or venue you wish.

We offer:

  • Script Writing

  • Recording location (Green Screen Studio)

  • Camera (HD Camera)

  • Lighting (studio lights or other diffused lighting)

  • Microphone (lapel mic or directional)

  • Teleprompter (your script on a teleprompter)

  • Director

  • Video Editing

  • Host your final video

  • A few tips for a Great Introduction Video:

  • We will keep it short.


We recommend that you use the first few seconds to introduce yourself and your firm. Then, quickly follow up with relevant information to describe how you provide unique value to the client. You should limit your entire introduction video to up to 90 seconds. Focus on the camera and provide it with your complete attention for this short period.

Go Off Script

Have a plan for what you will say and keep it in your head. Write down bullet points and have them memorized. If you can't, don't worry, you can use our studio teleprompter and read off the screen. Don't bother reading or learning your entire script, as you will most likely appear stale and rehearsed. Instead, try to deliver your introduction by projecting good energy. Prepare and rehearse your introduction and your closing lines.


What's in it for me?

It's an opportunity to share your personality with the viewer and give them a reason to work with you. The answer to this question is vital when communicating with your audience. Tell them only facts and concepts that are relevant and beneficial to the viewer.

Make yourself look good. (SMILE)

Take some time to inspect yourself in the mirror and look at your attire. If needed, we can help with a professional make-up artist. First, try not to dress too differently from how you would typically greet new clients. Second, our technician will use bright, diffused lighting! It will help shadows from forming on your face and keep everything looking sharp. At the end of the process, we can upload the file to your site, or if you wish, we offer to store the video on our server or any other sharing video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.


Dvideo can help you create a video resume. A Video Resume is a short video designed to support a candidate find a job; the video describes the individual's skills and qualifications and is typically used to supplement a traditional resume. In addition, a video resume can assist you in marketing yourself to prospective employers.

Tips to Help You Prepare a Professional Video Resume:

  • Dress professionally in business attire, just as if you were going to an in-person interview.

  • Keep your video resume short: one to three minutes.

  • Look at the camera, not at the desk or table below you.

  • Don't speak too fast.

  • Make sure there isn't any background noise and that the wall behind you isn't too busy.

  • Practice what you're going to say ahead of time.

  • Start by mentioning your name (first and last).

  • Focus on your professional endeavors, not your personal ones.

  • Discuss why you would be a good employee and what you can do for the company that hires you.

  • Thank the viewer for considering you for employment.

  • Don't mix your personal life with your professional one. For example, if you have information on your Facebook page that you'd prefer employers don't see, don't link your video resume to that page.

  • Don't expect your video resume to replace your traditional resume. However, a well-done video can bolster your candidacy for employment.


Dvideo is a state-of-the-art video production company that provides clients with a highly professional 30-second to a 2-minute video highlighting their unique qualifications for potential employers. As a supplement to traditional paper resumes, a video can exponentially increase applicants' potential job opportunities.

Dvideo is based in Purchase, NY, but we can help you anywhere you are within the US. Our mission is to bring the powerful medium of video production to today's job applicants at an affordable cost so that they can have a competitive advantage during the interview or audition process, securing their financial futures with good-paying jobs.

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