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Media Duplication and Replication
Computerized DVD Duplication


We know the nuances of video formats and standards, the successes of videos distributed across various mediums, and we know what ideas work. Whether you come to us to transfer your video to DVD or work on a production for a significant event, we are excited to put our experience to work for you. Contact one of our video consultants today to see how we can get started. Dvideo can help you with anything, from a highly specialized tape copy for broadcast to just a “dub.” The increase of not only tape formats but also video formats has created a wide variety of technologies that professionals and the causal producer need to cope with. Chances are, whatever it is, we’ve seen it. Just counting tape formats can be a daunting task, much less knowing how to handle the material for production successfully.

DVD Packaging


Here at Dvideo Productions, we utilize state-of-the-art duplication equipment, which allows us to make multiple high-quality copies of almost any video and audio format.

These include:

  • Duplicating videotapes

  • Converting one video format to another

  • Converting a foreign VHS video standard to enable viewing in the US

  • Duplication of audiotapes

  • Conversion from analog to digital

  • Placement of digital materials on your site or any streaming service.

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