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2019 Elite Eleven Scholar-Athlete Awards Banquet - Full Version

Football is like a brotherhood in many ways. A group of athletes coming together for a common purpose: to win. In this Elite Eleven event, this pursuit of winning was celebrated, as many of the tri-state area’s best athletes came together to celebrate the game and their accomplishments. The team at DVideo was in charge of the production and editing of this fun-filled project!


Big names like Don McPherson and Dave Gettleman came by to speak on these kids’ accomplishments, as well as touching upon the National Football Foundation’s generosity, the group that hosted the dinner. For the cinematography, it was key for our cameramen to capture every aspect of the event, from medium shots of the speakers to B-Roll of the various aspects of the setting.

This gave our team of editors plenty of freedom to cut the video. We were able to utilize shots of not only the interior of the space but the exterior as well. We used shots of conversations amongst attendees, as well as interviews with the star guests. The more that is shot, the more options exist when in the cutting room. And our creative editing team was able to utilize these selections to the fullest.


These are things to always keep in the back of your mind when you film an event, and this type of videography is one of the areas where we specialize. From corporate events to dinners, and so much more. Have your special event filmed by our creative team today!

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