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Touro College of Dental Medicine - Class of 2019 Graduation

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

The Touro College of Dental Medicine hosts an annual White Coat Ceremony every year in honor of their graduating class. For the second consecutive year, DVideo Productions has had the privilege of helping to film and edit the event!

Taking place in an auditorium setting, the team at DVideo filmed the event to its entirety, including individual interviews of different members of the Class of 2019. The graduating class gave us their thoughts on being part of such a unique institution, as well as explaining the importance of their role now and going forward. Receiving an education in Dental Medicine is an unusual path, but an important one as they create the future of Dentistry.

Led by Ronnie Myers, D.D.S., the Dean of the school, and the rest of the faculty, the Touro College of Dental Medicine looks to shape the future of many aspiring dentists, setting them

up for success down the road. And we here at DVideo Productions are proud to take part in spreading the messages the faculty and students relay, and celebrate the graduates’ future success in the Dental Industry!

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