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The business world can be a difficult one to navigate.

The business world can be a difficult one to navigate. On one hand, you want to be as profitable as possible, but on the other hand, one needs to be mindful of the clients you’re working for, maintaining a good relationship with them. These issues, and so much more, were central points discussed at the offices

of IHS Markit.

DVideo Production’s camera crew was in charge of the filming of this three-day forum, capturing the best moments from a multitude of fascinating discussions. Adam Kansler, President of Financial Services at IHS, was the man leading the discussions. He gave his input throughout, while also encouraging the other businessmen and women to give theirs. It was important to receive multiple points-of view to further understand the issue of our business world today, and to see what can be done to solve the issues, thus improving customer-worker relationships.

In a second video, Kansler is shown describing what is happening in the meetings, as well as giving his input on them. He also discusses how IHS is working to solve the problems brought up at the forum, and what can be down to keep moving forward. The team at DVideo Productions had the opportunity to relay the message, cutting together an informational pair of videos to add perspective to today’s business world.

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