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5 Remote Working Tips by Dvideo Production 2020

In this short, animated video, the team at DVideo Productions comprised a list of 5 tips for working remotely:

1) Create a Dedicated Work Area. Make your own space where you can concentrate on your work, ideally apart from the hustle and bustle, and in a brighter environment, which results in more productivity and positivity. You can even add “office elements” such as a calendar or pen holder to create that workplace aesthetic!

2) Over-Communicate. It’s always better to ensure that you’re completing a task properly than to wing it and accidentally misinterpret. It’s also important to have multiple forms of communication with your co-workers, in case one form should fail. List daily tasks each morning, sync often and update your progress, send end-of-day summaries, and ask again!

3) Prevent Distractions. Letting your mind wander can happen when working alone in a remote environment. Catch yourself! Be mindful of why, how and when it happens. Avoid technology when taking a break from technology!

4) Schedule Meaningful Breaks. While it’s important not to wander, it’s just as important to step away once in a while. Take a break! Plan them out in advance; step outside for fresh air, move around, build time in for lunch - whatever in may be, this will help to clear your mind and avoid becoming buggy-eyed from your tasks.

5) Dress for Success. Yes, you may not be in a workplace environment, but that doesn’t mean you have to remain in your pajamas. Find a nice and neat t-shirt! A good pair of sneakers!

By partaking in this practice, it will mentally prepare you to get into the “work zone.” By implementing these strategies, you’ll create a positive and productive work environment that benefits you and your colleagues! Take advantage of these tools during this unusual time!

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