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ESP - Essential Service Providers

There are many challenges when it comes to the process of buying a home. Not only the purchase itself but also coordinating with utilities and other services. The goal of ESP Service Providers is to make the process much easier for the buyer, essentially serving as a broker to these larger companies. This gives them peace of mind as they transition into their new life.

Ron Chernow, the Managing Partner at ESP, contacted DVideo and requested something unique - a drawn-out, animated video describing the goals of the company. Most of our clients will request to be filmed in live-action and to create graphics to go along with what’s being said in person. But Ron’s request was different - he envisioned a way to make the company stand out even further. And this was a challenge that the talented team at DVideo was ready to embrace and ultimately succeed.

The majority of the work was accomplished in Adobe After Effects. Utilizing the Stroke effect, the creative team was able to mimic the look of a hand-drawn picture come together. The same was also done with the text in the video, using the pen tool to create a mask and having the Stroke follow in its path. The images were models in our internal graphics library, re-drawn to give the video its distinctive style. The process took time and care, and the result thoroughly surprised and pleased the team at ESP.

It was a pleasure to work with them! It was great fun to make Ron’s vision come to life and to create a product that helped the Florida-based company jumpstart their mission. At DVideo, we create videos of all kinds for our clients - and what the creative team put together here exemplifies just that.

Dvideo is a full-service, one-stop video production studio committed to making your vision come to life. Our in-house experts help our clients with every stage of production, from camera crew to post-production. Our premier team operates from Purchase, NY but over the past 20 years, we have worked with many clients all over the USA.

We turn brainstormed ideas and marketing goals and into a professional and compelling video on any screen, any platform. Driven by a passion for what we do, we are dedicated to delivering the best in creative video production, live event streaming and social broadcasting

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