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Helping a client tell their story! Informative sizzle clip of a full-day event.

In this meeting of the minds, businessmen and women come together in a forum setting to discuss the future of private equity. They also discuss where it's at right now, and why it's all so important. It was a meeting of the minds at the Harvard Club of NYC, where businessmen and women in the Private Equity industry meet to hear from speakers knowledgeable in the field.

Working in tandem with Hunt Scanlon Media, the creative team at DVideo Productions helped to put together the day-long forum, condensing the full event to four hours as well as creating a shorter highlight of the meeting. When putting the aforementioned highlight together, it’s important to highlight key moments and phrases. This can be difficult, as so much is said that feels relevant to the topic at hand. But what will draw the eye and ear of the viewer? Is there a sense of togetherness in what the subject is saying? Is there a call to action or a common goal being reverberated throughout? These are key questions to keep in mind when putting it all together. And in conjunction with the creative team at Hunt Scanlon, we were able to do just that! As important as the filming of the event is, the next phase in post-production can be just as important. What is most important to keep? What portions of the event are deemed as less necessary to the overall arc of the video? The decisions you make in post can have a real impact on the video as a whole. And with the experience and professionalism of the creative team here at DVideo Productions, these decisions were made for the betterment of the piece.


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Dvideo is a multifaceted production and post-production studio based in Purchase, NY. From camera crews to green screen, live streaming to video editing, color correction to After Effects animation and beyond; our team will help you with anything you need. We turn brainstormed ideas and marketing goals and into professional and compelling video on any screen, any platform.

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