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How did we make it happen?

Carmel’s limousine services serve customers all across the tri-state area, and in particular New York City. The team at DVideo Productions was tasked with creating an informational TV commercial describing Carmel’s airport services, and how its prices best those of its stiffest competitors. In a world where Uber and Lyft dominate the car service industry, Carmel was looking to offer a competitively-priced niche in airport services, effectively serving as an alternative to the “Big Two.”

How did we make it happen? Our creative team came together and, in collaboration with CEO Avik Kabessa and his team, came up with a plan of attack. With the use of our video library, visually-interesting graphics created in Adobe After Effects, and our wit and creativity, we were able to create a product that thrilled our client.

Upon finalization, we delivered the product to the team at Spectrum. We catered it to the network’s requirements, adjusting the export settings as needed to create a ProRes file, as high-quality of a file as there is. Spectrum approved, and before we knew it, the commercial was aired nationwide!


Creating a TV commercial is an exciting undertaking, and our talented editors were more than capable of taking it on. Our editing suites allowed the editors to work to their full scope, working on multiple NLE platforms to put the video together. It was great fun working with Avik and the Carmel team. Many thanks to them for being such great collaborators!

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