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Hunt Scanlon - Next-Gen Leaders

The reality in American business is that women and people of color are underrepresented in the workplace, particularly when it comes to the number of entrepreneurs that are out there. In this event hosted by Hunt Scanlon Media, a myriad of speakers meet to discuss ways to improve representation in their respective industry, and how they’ve applied these methods to their respective businesses.

After being filmed by Hunt Scanlon’s production crew, the footage was handed off to the creative team here at DVideo. There were about 6 hours of video files to be used both in short form and long-form edits. Hunt Scanlon wanted a copy of the full event, as well as a clean, 1-2 minute highlight reel of what was said throughout.

The editing team was hard at work in making this happen. With the use of Adobe Premiere Pro, an edit was formed for both versions. Markers were used to find the best soundbites of the event, and these markers assisted the editors in picking and choosing what was to be utilized in the highlight. Then, with the use of Adobe After Effects, the team was able to create a nice intro and outro to the highlight video, as the footage between was used to bridge them all together.

The two videos were a collaborative effort with the team at DVideo and Mike from Hunt Scanlon, as he would provide great feedback and instruction to guide the editors. With this team effort, we were able to create a video that they were very proud of!

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