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MAM - Find Your Joy Campaign

MAM’s goal is to improve the health of babies worldwide, as they come up with inventive ways to keep that process moving forward. The way the products can be sterilized and the number of different pacifiers to suit the respective baby’s needs are just a couple of the plethora of ways they contribute to their industry. Sarah, an associate at MAM, contacted DVideo and requested five different videos tailored for social media. Their overall goal was to show that the company can help make tougher parenting moments easier, and therefore allowing families to enjoy the precious moments in life. With an increased usage of video in social media, this was an opportunity that the creative team was eager to jump on!

The creative team was provided visual and auditory materials to utilize for each edit, mostly consisting of internal stock videos. From there, utilizing After Effects, they created unique subtitles to express the message of each individual clip. While each video did fit under the general umbrella of “Finding Your Joy,” they were still able to convey the particular message in their very own ways.

The team at MAM also provided us with graphics to use, It was great fun working with the team once again at MAM! Their team was very happy with the final product, and we look forward to linking up with them in the future.


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