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MAM - JPMA Trade Show Presentation Video

MAM’s goal is to improve the health of babies worldwide, as they come up with inventive ways to keep that process moving forward. The way the products can be sterilized and the number of different pacifiers to suit the respective baby’s needs are just a couple of the plethora of ways they contribute to their industry. Sarah, an associate at MAM, contacted DVideo and requested a corporate video that looked to present an overview of their products and ethos of the company. And the team jumped on the opportunity!

The creative team was provided visual materials to utilize throughout the edit. Most were internal stock videos, but others were high-resolution images. One of the aspects where our team flexed its creative muscles was how they used the images of MAM’s corporate factories. More specifically, the editors used special effects to add motion and color to the sky, while also utilizing keyframing in Adobe Premiere Pro to give the images more life and movement.

The team at MAM also provided us graphics to use, with their logo being the most used one. With the use of Adobe After Effects, the creative team was able to animate to logo and create a shiny, mirror-type aesthetic to it. It draws the eye into the video, and also ends it very nicely.

It was great fun working with the team once again at MAM! Not only did we enthrall them with this project, but we will expect to do so once again for their next video campaign.

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