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Having a film production in the year 2021 has proven challenging, to say the least. With required social distancing and wearing of face coverings, conscious steps have to be taken in order to shoot safely.

Bob and Debbie from Michel Designs approached us once again with the idea of showcasing their upcoming spring collections to B2B vendors they work with. They wanted the video to be both informative and fun, displaying their unique personalities and small-business, interpersonal values to their displays. While this was similar in many ways to their previous fall collection video, it differed in various ways. Instead of one video, Bob and Debbie chose to have the collections displayed as their own separate videos, with a two-part introduction beforehand. The background included a spectacular view of the rolling autumnal hills from their Northern Westchester offices. And in addition, the crew chose to have them in a seated position, allowing for a more at-home and comfortable feel, if you will.

The shoot involved a 3-camera set up - one in the middle, one to the left, and one to the right. It was shot with Sony equipment, with an emphasis on making the colors of the collection pop. The collections were individually shot in the order that Bob and Debbie had requested, to be later reordered in post. Most of the collections were shot with two takes, giving the editing team options later on in the process. And everybody stayed socially distant and clean!

The post-production process was largely completed in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects - one being used for the edit itself, the other for additional effects, particularly with text. Light color grading and slight adjustments were made as needed in order for all shots to match. Once completed, all the work in production and post culminated into 8 videos for Michel’s vendors to see.

It was great fun working with these two once again! They had a vision on how they wanted to display their products, and we helped make that vision a reality for them. They enjoyed the filming process, and they were easy to work with. We look forward to future projects with Michel Design Works down the line!

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