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The 2022 Cortaca game will be held at Yankee Stadium!

The annual Cortaca Jug is an event that students and alums of Ithaca College & SUNY Cortland look forward to every year. It has grown in scale and recognition over the years, most recently at MetLife Stadium. The stage has risen again, as the 2022 game will be held at Yankee Stadium!

Working once again with Marc Hudak, alumni of Ithaca College, the team at DVideo was approached with the idea of creating a second sizzle video, this time documenting the First Pitch with the school’s head football coaches. In addition, he wanted to encapsulate the excitement surrounding the event by going over to Stan’s and Billy’s sports bars. It was an exciting prospect to embark upon, and the team was eager to make it happen!

The footage consisted of a myriad of B-Roll, honing in on Yankee Stadium, school alums enjoying the event, and a YES Network interview with Michael Kay and the fans. In addition, multiple interviews were conducted by host Adam Marek, namely head football coaches Curt Fitzpatrick and Mike Toerper, school presidents Dr. La Jerne Terry Cornish and Erik J. Bitterbaum, and many others. And, of course, a close-up view of the First Pitch itself! The footage was shot on a Sony A7IV, and the audio was recorded on a Zoom recorder connected to a Rhode mic.

After the shooting was completed, the editing team promptly went to work and created a two-and-a-half-minute Sizzle Reel of the event. Using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects harmoniously, the result was a tight edit with special effects, color correction, audio editing, and, most importantly, a concise story. Marc was thrilled with the final product, and the video will now be used to promote the special occasion nationwide. It was a pleasure to work with everybody involved, and we look forward to collaborating with them again soon! Head of Production @Matthew Soule



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