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Video Produced for Tiegerman Middle School!

Tiegerman Middle School is a Long Island-based school that’s approved by New York state to serve students with a variety of developmental disabilities. Based in Glen Cove, NY, the school is set apart by its approach to language and learning, where the faculty believe that language is the foundation for all learning..

Dvideo participates in RXR Volunteers run by @Ylisa​Kunze, a Westchester based program, introduced to us by @DeborahNovick the Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Westchester County Department of Economic Development. The initiative offers business owners here in Westchester, who might be struggling to pivot their businesses during Covid, or otherwise need some help recovering or thriving in this new environment. Dvideo was happy to jump in and produce this video at no cost for Jamé Krauter, the Director of Fund Development.

The idea was to create a video to help them promote what they’re all about, and the Dvideo team jumped at the opportunity! The project consisted of video footage provided to us by the school along with a plethora of options the production team added from the extensive library of tools often used. The post-production team had plenty to work with. Additionally, a voiceover was provided by Kristin Lyons, the school principal, helping to describe what the school is all about and what they uniquely provide. The material was compiled in Adobe Premiere Pro, and the audio was edited in Adobe Audition for sweetening.

We had great fun working with Jamé and her team! It was for a great cause and we admire everything they stand for. We hope to work with the school again soon!



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